I'm Jim Van Fleet.

I put the "tech" in tech startups.

Startups must avoid critical technology mistakes while evolving and evaluating their business model. I was put on earth to solve these problems. I partner with founding teams to create great technology companies.

If you want Jim's help on your project, contact us today.

Project Kickoff

The beginning of the project is the most critical moment of its life, usually until well after launch. Our most popular product will ensure your project is on the path to excellence.


Are you better off with an internal team, or a vendor? What skills are crucial? How can you balance effort, cost and timeline? These critical questions are routine for me. My intimate familiarity with the labor market and software delivery lifecycle allows me to represent my clients in a unique way. Because my interests are totally aligned with yours, I’ll ensure you receive maximal value from your technical investment.


The completion of principal development is a critical time for your business, and your technical product. It's also a time of tremendous risk, as responsibilities shift and team dynamics change. I've helped operate some of the world's biggest websites during their most demanding periods. This critical discipline is often entirely missing from custom software development efforts. I ensure that success will not destroy your technical investment.

Is your existing technology slowing down, while your sales aren't? I can help existing companies too. Contact me with more information about your needs.

Why bspoke?

Creating custom software is overwhelming for founders that lack experience in the technology marketplace. Your needs during planning differ greatly from your needs during principal development, which are different again from your needs after launch. One need is constant: trusted, skilled technical leadership that provides continuity, clarity, and accountability. If you want to give your technology business its greatest chance to fulfill its potential, let me know. That is my passion and the heart of my practice.

Our Approach

We care about creating environments of sustainable innovation for our clients. When they produce great results, it creates more opportunities for us naturally. We don't need to create lock-in, and we don't need to influence your project to meet any minimums or maxiumums. We meet you where you are, and take you where you want to go.

Our Terms

Engagements begin with an initial, fixed-price consultation designed to bring your project to development readiness. From there, if my team is not a fit for principal development, we will agree on retainer structure to serve in the long term.

on technical risk

Whether you are on or manage a technical team, learn how to keep them out of trouble and delivering value to their organization.

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