Bringing the cloud to small to mid-sized businesses in the Carolinas

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, itsbspoke uses an apprentice model to deliver results on your budget.

App Development

Frustrated with the communication gaps, lack of vision, and ever-expanding timelines of offshore projects? Is your accountant having palpitations at the price tags of large software consultancies? it’s bspoke has a hybrid model that allows you to find a great fit for your budget.

Combined with our unique approach to the software development lifecycle, we're confident we can deliver results that scale repeatibly and reliably.

What makes us different

Our founder, Jim Van Fleet, has built a reputation as a technology expert and leader in Charlotte’s entrepreneurial community. He has extinguished technical problems on sites doing $30M in daily revenue. He has built applications that have scaled to over 100k users. He has relationships with hundreds of technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors nationwide.

He's ready to put all that to work for you.


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